A small town in Southern Lithuania
Where the Jewish Community is no more

2018 Our Activities
With my friends
Speaking in  Vilkaviskis Schools about Jewish Vilkaviskis

Receiving the award "Honary Citizen of Vilkaviskis from the Mayor  
August    Speaking at the Jewish Genealogy Conference in  Warsaw about Jewish Vilkaviskis 
July 25-30th 2018 My visit to the Vilkaviskis Festival - "Vilkaviskis Yesterday Today and Tomorrow
Telling the story of Jewish Vilkaviskis in Vilkaviskis
The sound and site of Jewish music returns to the Vilkaviskis market square
My host for these wonderful days - discovering so much about Vilkaviskis today for both of us

Another part of the composition is about suffering. There was a time when nobody knew who could betray them. The strangest thing was that the closest relative could have betrayed anyone. The line from the poem is uttered, "Because the brother betrayed his brother". Although people were suffering behind the barbed wire fence, they still cherished love to a human being and valued the power of a prayer.

Then the names of the dead children are being pronounced as if they were here and now.
In the end, there comes a sound of the grief of our nation. We understood what had happened when it was too late. We understood, but we could not change anything.

The name of the composition is "The Letters From Beyond". It symbolizes the conversation between the people who died in the past and the ones who live today.

Firstly, the Past and the Present are talking to each other. The Past does not seem to know what will happen later.
Then, the voices of the dead are coming from the outside. They are trying to remind the executioners of what had happened. However, the answer is silence.
After that, the ringing bell pays tribute to those who are not already among us, but they are still alive in our memories.
"The Letters From Beyond".  the Rememberance Ceremony September 25th 2018
designed by Mrs. Vaida Krisciuniene and Mrs. Irma Mauriene
Jim Marver visits Vilkaviskis
Speaking about Jewish Vilkaviskis in Israel
In schools, lectures and on television
Speaking on Israeli television about Jewish Vilkaviskis