A small town in Southern Lithuania
Where the Jewish Community is no more

2023 Holocaust Rememberance Day in the Vilkaviskis Area

This site was built by Ralph Salinger of Kfar Ruppin, Israel
It is built to the glory of the Jewish Community of Vilkkaviskis
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- Paraižniai. Forest. Place where were killed people from Kudirkos Naumiestis
Kamile Š..............."Holocaust is the tragedy of the Jewish people, the mass extermination of people of this nationality during the Second World War. The massacre of the Jews was planned by the leaders of Nazi Germany in order to create space to settle the Germans in the occupied lands."

Teja "When the war started, the Nazis drove the Jews into ghettos, created concentration camps, and their mass murders took place all over Europe".

Kamilė "In Lithuania, unlike in Europe, shot Jews near their birthplaces. 1941-1944 196 thousand were killed. Lithuanian Jews, vol. i.e. 94 percent citizens of this nationality in our country."
Kamilė  An anti-tank ditch was dug here, in the village of Žyniai, which was dug by the Russians, preparing to defend themselves against the Germans. In June 1941, the German army invaded the Soviet Union. In 1941-1942, about 2,000 people - Jews from the area - were killed in this ditch. These were Jewish women and children.

Teja Many residents of the region, risking their lives and the lives of their loved ones, rescued and hid Jews condemned to death. The title of Righteous Among the Nations was given to the saviors of the Jews. At the moment, 140 names of residents of the district - Jewish saviors - are known.

Holocaust site near Kybartai

he site of the Holocaust in Kybartai

In 1941 June 29 Kybarti police received the task of Gestapo officer Lehman to arrest all Jewish men living in the town and lock them up in the cloister of farmer Jurgis Giedraitis, located approximately 2 km from Kybarti near the sand quarry. The police locked up about 106-116 men in this cell. Among them were several ex-Soviet activists and communists of Lithuanian nationality. Early June 30 in the morning, those arrested from Kluon were driven in groups of 10 to the sand quarry and shot there.

Talking and explaining is Romas Sunokas, a member of the Vilkaviskis Municipal council