A small town in Southern Lithuania
Where the Jewish Community is no more

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To remember for ever
?? Our dear Father
An innocent and honest man who went in honest ways
God fearing all his life
?? Our Father an honorable, important and well known man
Reb Josef son of Reb Mordechaiת who is in the Garden of Eden
Who died in his best years
Grandfather ??? With 10 sons and daughters
He left us and went to his ancestors
On the 15th of the month of Mr Heshvan in the year
5659 Exactly May his   soul be bound up in the bond of eternal life
[Monday 31 October 1898]
??? Soul???
Dear Modest Woman
Mrs.Hia [daughter of Reb] Yitzhack
Wife of Reb ???  ?????
Leizerah ?
21st of Av 5660 ?
[Thursday 16 August 1900]
The publication of the book "Dingusios tautos Pedsakais"  "Traces of a Lost Nation " Antanas's work on the history of Jewish Vilkaviskis. The presentation took place at the Mariampole Arts Center. This building was once the Synagogue in Mariampole
New Discoveries in Vilkaviskis
During building renovations these two new stones where found.