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My FINK  family

Fink   is the earliest of the Fink family identified. He would not have used the surname Fink and we know only that he had a son Hersh.  As Hersh's son Iser was born in 1824, it can be assumed that Hersh was born 20 years earlier and that therefore Pinchas was alive by 1780 or earlier.
Hersh Fink   married Chana Orelowna and records pertaining to two of their sons exist.  Iser and Leib were probably brothers. An  Abel Fink is listed with a Leib Fink on a tax list for 1866 at Vilkaviskis and this leads me to believe he was a third brother. They are shown as grain merchants in Vilkaviskis, Lithuania.
                  -Iser Fink , born 1824 in Vilkaviskis.  He married Genia Tykocinski  .

                -Leib Fink , born about 1826.    He married on 20 Mar 1846 in Suwalki, Poland Sora Bialostocki  , born 1828, daughter of   Shmuel Bialostocki  and Rocha Rozenberg  .  They had a daughter Dwera Fink , born 20 Mar 1847 in Suwalki. It is probable that the couple returned to Vilkaviskis and had more children but the Vilkaviskis records have not been found.

                -Abel Fink , not proved

Iser Fink is the son we know the most about and he is our great great grandfather. He was  born around 1824 in Vilkaviskis.  He married on 6 Mar 1850 in Sejny, Poland Genia Tykocinski  , born 1831, daughter of Israel Chaim Tykocinski  and Brajna Chaimowna   . Iser and Genia made their home at Sejny I have found details of 7 children . The family vacationed in Koenigsburg where the photograph on the left was taken. Late in his life he lived in Bialystok where he died.
1.        Dobrusia Fink  was born 23 February 1852.
2.        Ester Rahel Penina Fink was   born  around 1855 and died around 1915.  
3.        Elka Fink was born 14 Nov 1858
4.        Braina Fink
5.        Sara Haia
Fink   was born about 1861 in Sejny
6.        Israel Chaim Fink  was born 25 Jul 1865 in Sejny.  He died 24 Feb 1871 in Sejny.
7.        Mordechai Leib Fink  was born 3 Dec 1869 in Sejny
This material was kindly provided by Dorothy Leivers