a small town in Southern Lithuania
Where the Jewish Community is no more
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The translation of the article about Lieutenent Colonel Moshe Dembovskis 1876 - 1941 that appeared in the newspaper "Santaka"

The translation was kindly provided by Mr. Anatanas Zilinskas, Director of the Vilkaviskis Regional Musuem
Moshe Dembovskis 1876 - 1941
"Inaugural-Dissertation, Konigsberg 1914, written in German, by Moses Dembowski"
This picture was kindly donated by Mr. Ted Matlow
Two pictures of the Dembovski Family
With the kind permission of Mr. Ted Matlow of Wyncote, Pa. USA
The Influences (Effects) of Cooling during the Formationof pus-laden (?) non-tubercular Kidney Infections (?)An Inaugural Dissertation of the Medical Faculty ofthe Albertus University in Koenigsberg in PrussiatowardAchievement of the Doctoral Degreein Medicine, Surgery, and ObstetricsPresented by Moses DebowskiKoenigsberg in PrussiaPrinted by Book- and Stone Press by Otto Kuemmel1914
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