a small town in Southern Lithuania
Where the Jewish Community is no more
Visiting Vilkaviskis
Before your visit !

1] If you don't speak Lithuanian its essential that you travel with an interpreter and preferably a guide. On the " Contacts Page" I have listed 2 excellent guides that can offer you superb service.

2] Please remember that Vilkaviskis was devasted twice during the Second World War, once when the Germans occupied Vilkaviskis in 1941 and secondly during the advance of the Red Army in 1944.  The town has been almost entirely rebuilt so that very little remains
of the Vilkaviskis that our ancestors knew.
What to see in Vilkaviskis
* The Regional Museum
* The New Jewish Cemetery
+ The Jewish Age Old Home
* The Jewish Gynasium [ now the Municipal Buildings]
* The site of the Mass Killings and Memorial to the Jews of Vilkaviskis
* Several old houses that once had Jewish iInhabitants
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Pictures of the Jewish Sites in Vilkaviskis
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