a small town in Southern Lithuania
Where the Jewish Community is no more
Meeting with the Senior Citizens
2008 and the return to Vilkaviskis
Pictures of the Town Center
The Center of Vilkaviskis was once the center of Jewish life. Here was situated the Great Synagogue, the prayer house, The house of the Rabbi and all of the offices of the various Jewish relgious organizations.
Today nothing remains of these  buildings  - everything was destroyed either during the German invasion or later in 1944 when the Russians "liberated" Lithuania.
Even some of the streets have dissapeared. I have created this page so that if you are planning to visit Vilkaviskis you will not be dissapointed .
Outside of this area there are a few pre-war houses left, On the side streets there are still some wooden houses. And then there is the municipal building, outside of town center, which was the Hebrew Gymnasium.
Cemetery Project
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