a small town in Southern Lithuania
Where the Jewish Community is no more
This site was created by Ralph Salinger
of Kibbutz Kfar Ruppin. Israel
Ted Matlow
Markofsky Family Album

All these pictures have been kindly donated by Mr. Ted Matlow of Wyncote Pa.

Although most of these pictures were taken in Pilvaskai some 5 km from Vilkaviskis I am sure that they belong here.
neices and nephews
Ted's aunt Ida Chia Matlow left Pilvaskai in 1935 and here are the pictures of her family.
The Family
Max and Mark Matlow [Matlawski] cousins
Aunt Goodtel
My grandfather (died 17 day tishre 1932) David Matlow/ Matlowski/Matlavsky/Matlafsky/Matlovskaite/Matlawskiute

My grandmother (died 23rd day 193? Nisan Gelde/Gilda/Goldi/Goodtel Levit Matlow /Matlowski/Matlavsky/Matlafsky/Matlovskaite/Matlawskiute.
This photo is the name of the photographer of my grandparents' memorials. (it was printed on the "frame" )