a small town in Southern Lithuania
Where the Jewish Community is no more
This site was created by Ralph Salinger
of Kibbutz Kfar Ruppin. Israel
2008 and the return to Vilkaviskis
In Israel I have attempted to find and meet all those Jewish residents of Vilkaviskis, interview them and record their stories.

This year with the kind assistance of Mr. Antanas Zlinskas and with the help of my translator Mrs. Kristina Sinkeviciene I was able to interview 3 senoior citizens who talked of their memories of Jewish Vilkaviskis
Meeting with the Senior Citizens
"I remember that during the war I would be delivering fish and at night I had entered a barn of friends and they told me that they were hiding a Jewish Family"
" I recall that just before or after the Jewish People went to the Synagogue [for Yom Kippur] they would stand on the bridge throwing things into the water"
"My best girlfriend worked in the sweet factory of the Pustapetski family - they made the very best sweets"
Mrs. Onute Danbrauskaite
Mr. Juozas Mackevicius
Mr. Gintautas Inkrata
My translator,  Mrs. Kristina Sinkeviciene, a lady with much patience and superb English