The Salinger Family History

Generation 5
 Moshe Leyb - Louis  Salinger
b. 1848 in Suwalki 
1929 in Berlin 
 Louis Salinger  was born on May 14, 1848 in SUWALKI and died on Dec. 16, 1928 in BERLIN, GERMANY..  He married Ida Sandmann in 1877. Ida, daughter of Jacob Alexander Sandmann and Cacilie Sandmann ((Unknown)1), was born on Nov. 21, 1855 in WORMDITT, EAST PRUSSIA. and died in Apr. 1931 in BERLIN GERMANY..

Children of Louis Salinger and Ida Sandmann
        i.        2.        Kurt Salinger was born in 1878 in BERLIN GERMANY and died in Apr. 1945 in BERLIN GERMANY.
        ii.        3.        Fritz Salinger was born on Nov. 27, 1880 in BERLIN, GERMANY and died on Apr. 18, 1964 in ENGLAND.
        iii.        4.        Ernst Salinger was born on May 13, 1882 in BERLIN GERMANY and died on Feb. 16, 1950 in LONDON ENGLAND.
        iv.        5.        Greta Salinger was born in Feb. 1887 and died in Jan. 1892.
        v.        6.        Lotte Salinger was born on Apr. 3, 1894 and died on Nov. 7, 1959 in HOLLAND.
Louis Salinger, apprentice miller in Wormditt, East Prussia,  today Orenta Poland
Wormditt/Orenta 2005 during my "Roots tour"
A description of the life of Louis Salinger by the second wife of his son Ernst Salinger
The old mill in Wormditt/Orenta where Louis was an apprentice
A description of Ida by Michael Salinger
A description of Ida and Louis by Michael Salinger
Their children, from left to right
Kurt, Lotte, Ernst and Fritz.
Louis and Ida
date and place unkown
A picture of elderly Ida and Louis on the terrace of their apartment at Orienstrasse 2 Berlin
Louis and Ida in their apartment at Orienstrasse 2 Berlin date unkown
A poem to mark their 50th Wedding Anniversary in 1927
Orienstrasse today
taken during my roots tour in 2005
The gravestone of Ida and Louis Salinger at the Berlin Jewish Cemetery
My visit to the cemetery in 2005
Rama at the Berlin Jewish Cemetery during our "Roots Tour" in 2005
Generation 8
My Kids
1982 -