A small town in Southern Lithuania
Where the Jewish Community is no more

Shtetl Life - Pioneers  "Hachshara"
A Group of Halutzim near the Pazery Lake, Lithuania, 1933
Hachshara 'Kibbush' of members of 'He alutz' near to Vilkaviskis,, 1927.
Hachshara training in Vilkaviskis, Lithuania, winter 1934
Hachsharar (training) in a 'Kibbutz'. Vilkaviskis, 1934
Halutzim from Vilkavski cutting wood on a 'Hachshara'. Vilkaviskis 1934.
Halutzim from Vilkavski cutting wood on a 'Hachshara'. Vilkaviskis  1934.
Jewish youth from Germany in Hachshara in Vilkaviskis, , 1935
Kibbutz Hachshara to Jewish Youth from Germany in Vilkaviskis, Lithuania, 1935 On the wall portraits of Joseph Trumpeldor and Haim Arlozorov
Members of Hehalutz training farm near Vilkaviskis, Lithuania, c.1932
Passover celebrations at Kibbutz Hachshara, Vilkaviskis, Lithuania, 1932
Pioneer group in a farm, Vilkaviskis, Lithuania 1927
Young men in Hachshara, Vilkaviskis, Lithuania, c.1930
Young men working in the fields of He Halutz Hachshara (Training), Vilkaviskis, Lithuania, 1927
Youth from Vilkaviskis in Hachshara in Memel, Lithuania, c.1930