A small town in Southern Lithuania
Where the Jewish Community is no more
Most urgent
To: ?Pagrandes? village magistrate headman (elder, starosta)
You are requested to announce to your magistrate residents the following:
Vilkavishkis district Jews, are resided in a proper Vilkavishkis town area,  from which they are not allowed to move away. It was noticed, that some of this  Jews willfully (non- authorized) moved away from the said area and stroll (wander) between villages. Please announce to the residents, that Jews are forbidden to live (reside) beyond the said area boundaries, to visit or by other ways and means to contact with Christians. Equivalently, Christians are forbidden to shelter a Jew at their premises, to hide him or to carry out any kind of contacts with him. One that wouldn't obey these regulations will be proclaimed as Jew guardian (here: shelter/refugee-giving) and will bring upon himself a proper punishment actions.
All Jews, if only noticed beyond the boundaries of the them administrated area should be hold immediately and transferred to Vilkavishkis Police Station Head.
Vilkavishkis, 1941, November 25
Temporarily  running duties… 

Stamp: Vilkavishkis 1941 July 13?
Borough Chief
To: [village magistrate] headmen
Not later than 20 day of this month deliver to the borough self-governing body the following data:
1. A list of settled Russian colonists*, stating their family names, given names and at what household settled.
2. Collect approximate info of how many permanent agricultural workers would be needed in your borough's farms: men,
women and others.
3. Make a list of all your borough stray and military left over horses, stating their color and small marks and their holders
names, family names and villages. This list to be delivered immediately to the borough self- governing body.
4. Those who failed to provide yet a list of horses, carriages or horse-gears seized by military, should present them
immediately.  The list should state how much lands owns the farmer, how many horses, carriages and gears seized, and
how much left. These lists present straight away, without delay.
5. In  the villages are to be found graves of German solders, fallen fighting bolsheviks. These fighters fall liberating us
from the terrible slavery put on us by the bolsheviks and Jews, thus our duty is to take care of the graves of the fallen. 
Organize Lithuanian women and maids to prettily decorate and plant flowers on the graves found in your borrow. If there
are no flowers in your borough, then the governing body might provide information, where to get them, and if becomes
necessary to purchase, we will give out money.

Borough Head

Stamp: Bartininkai 1941 October 25
Lithuanian Republic To: Mr. State Defense Police
Bartininkai Station Chief Vilkavishkis district  Chief

Your letter #1114 from this year, I provide data considering Jews to be found in the boundaries of Baldininkai Station [jurisdiction]

Line # Name and Family name Birth date and place Residence Notes
1 Kaganskiene (Mrs. Kagansky) Mina 1908 Mariampole town Budavone's HouseHold
2 Kaganskaite (Ms. Kagansky) Esther 1939 September 19 Budavone's HH Budavone's HouseHold
3 Kaganskiene (Mrs. Kagansky) Hannah 1908 May 3 former? Gudeliai Village Pilvishkis district Budavone's HouseHold
4 Kaganskaite (Ms. Kagansky) Bela 1940 January  11 Budavone's HH Budavone's HouseHold
5 Sabalovichius (Sabalovitch) Aronas 1909 October 22 Vilkavishkis town Skerpejai village
6 Sabalovichiene (Mrs Sabalovitch) Nehoma 1912 October 17 Vilkavishkis town Skerpejai village
7 Sobolovichaite (Ms Sobolovitch) Efrona 1940 October 13 Vilkavishkis town Skerpejai village
8 Sobolovichius (Sobolovitch) Maushus 1911 October 20 Vilkavishkis town Pagernevas village
9 Sobolovichiene (Mrs Sobolovitch) Rahile 1911 November 20 Vilkavishkis town Pagernevas village
10 Sobolovichaite (Ms Sobolovitch) Frida 1938 April10 Vilkavishkis town Pagernevas village

State Defense Police
Vilkavishkis district
1941 October 30

Station Chief
The enclosed documents demonstrate the involvement of the local Lithuanian adminstration with the destruction of its Jewish Community.