a small town in Southern Lithuania
Where the Jewish Community is no more
This site was created by Ralph Salinger
of Kibbutz Kfar Ruppin. Israel
My Great Grandpa David Baker was born in Vilkaviskis in 1853.  Apparently in the census of 1856, it was shown that there were 4417 Jews against 934 Christians living in Vilkaviskis.  G. Grandpa Baker left Vilkaviskis in the 1970's and settled in Manchester. Apparently, g.g. grandfather Baker (first name unknown) was in the horse trade, selling horses to the Prussian army.  He and his wife (name unknown) had three sons, David, Joseph and one other.David Baker left Vilkaviskis and was employed by a large department store in the city, Kendal Milne.  He was a cabinet maker by trade. Once settled in his job, he wrote to his family asking them to send him a bride.Golda Fraser (klnown as Goldie), daughter of a farming family from Marijampole, was sent to join him. Goldie had brothers and sisters, but we only know about her brother Israel (descendants live in Efrat and UK).  We think the name may have been shortened from Frizhinsky.David Baker set up his own furniture business with the help of his wife Goldie and became very successful.  David and Goldie had 11 children, and maybe one that died in infancy.Threee brothers from the Eprile family from from Marjiampole married three Baker sisters.I will send you a family photo.Can't tell you anymore about the family life in Vilkaviskis, as they left in 1850's.
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Baker Family