a small town in Southern Lithuania
Where the Jewish Community is no more
Jewish Soldiers in the Lithuanian Army
During the first period of Lithuanian Independence it was required that all soldiers swear the oath of alligance infront of a relgious figure.

Here is a picture taken in 1935 of all the new recruits after the swearing in ceremony. In front is the Rabbi of Vilkaviskis, Rabbi Eliahu Grun.

This picture has been kindly presented by the Shatz Family.
Captain Shmarihu Pustapetski
Captain Shmarihu Pustapetski was responsible for saving the Jews of Suwalki who were evicted from their homes by the Germans in 1939. For the full story see Vilkaviskis memories.
Moshe Dembovskis 1876 - 1941
The translation of the article about Lieutenent Colonel Moshe Dembovskis 1876 - 1941 that appeared in the newspaper "Santaka"

The translation was kindly provided by Mr. Anatanas Zilinskas, Director of the Vilkaviskis Regional Musuem
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