a small town in Southern Lithuania
Where the Jewish Community is no more
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This site was created by Ralph Salinger
of Kibbutz Kfar Ruppin. Israel
Pictures from the
Archives of the Association of Lithuanian Immigrants
This picture was part of an article describing the contribution of 3 photo albums prepare by the Association of Jews from Vilkaviskis under the auspices of Mr Israel Shperling to the Diaspora Museum in Tel Aviv

The picture itself is of a Purim party for kindergarten children in Vilkaviskis in 1934
1922 The Staff of the Hebrew Gynasium Vilkaviskis
The 3 girlfriends
"Friends for Ever
On the reverse of the card is written " Friends to Eternity
From the girls Rifka Frankel
                      Genia Volberg
                      Clara Glickson
To our Friend Rappaport

Vilkaviskis 20th December 1928

[I am working on the Russian translation]
The row sitting: From right to left:
B.    Meshorer  Teacher of Mathematics, Dr. Cohen, Physics and Chemistry,Dr Zemach Felerstein Headmaster, Dr. Etzioni Nature and English, Unnamed lady teacher of Lithuanian.
The second row standing: From right to left
Mr. Z. Zilberstein Hebrew and Bible Studies, unamed teacher of Sport, Mr. M Mendelsohn Bible and Literature. Unnamed teacher of German, Shimon Zak  History and Literature, Hiam Vilkaviskis Maths and Latin.
The laying of the Foundation Stone for the new Hebrew Gymnasium
Vilkaviskis 20 June 1926
A booklet containing songs, poems and stories in Hebrew and in Yiddish
published in Vilkaviskis in 1929
Program for Lag B Omer 1929
High School Diploma in Lithuanian for Eliahu Rapport  with letter of commendation from the Headmaster of the Gymnasium Ha Ivri, Dr N. Cohen 1920
High School Diploma for Batya Rachel Rotbard
Vilkaviskis 1925
All of this material was given by the kind permission of the Association of Lithuanian Jews in Israel Archive, Director Rahel Levin.
It was extracted with great kindness by their Archivist Ms. Carol Hoffman. I am deeply grateful for the time and attention she gave me.

Ralph Salinger