a small town in Southern Lithuania
Where the Jewish Community is no more

Under Prussian Rule
1793 - 1805
Until 1795 Vilkovishk was part of the Polish-Lithuanian Kingdom, when the third division of Poland by the three superpowers of those times - Russia, Prussia and Austria - caused Lithuania to become partly Russian and partly Prussian. The part of the state which lay on the left side of the Neman river (Nemunas), including Vilkovishk, was handed over to Prussia who ruled there during the years 1795-1807.

Under Prussian rule the residents were encouraged to build stone or brick houses, instead of wooden ones, for which they were granted a third of the expenses. In those years the importance of Vilkovishk increased, it being a commercial point on the road from Kovno to Koenigsberg.
From this map you can see that Vilkaviskis is situated from 1795 - 1806 in "New East Prussia"
New East Prussia
The History of Jewish Vilkaviskis
The majority of this material is taken from the article by Josef Rosin.
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