a small town in Southern Lithuania
Where the Jewish Community is no more

Vilkaviskis during the
First World War 1914-1918
During WW1 Vilkovishk passed several times from one administration to another, the Jews suffering from abuse and maltreatment by Russian soldiers, and many left. During the German occupation (1915-1918) the Jews, like every one else, suffered from the various restrictive edicts of occupation rule and Jewish community life was paralyzed. The Jewish Bendet Rabinovitz was the mayor of Vilkovishk during these years.
The inauguration of the German War Memorial in the Market Square circa 1917

This picture was kindly provided by Mr Antanas Zilinskas, Director of the Vilkaviskis Regional Museum
These pictures are used with the kind permission of
 Jens-Olaf Walter
The Market Square in Vilkaviskis
This picture was taken in 1914 whilst Vilkaviskis was  still under Russian control.
Pictures taken during the German occupation 1914 -1918
A street scene in Jewish Vilkaviskis
The railway station in Vilkaviskis
Captured Russian guns
A military train going East
A military train going East
Water tower and military train Vilkaviskis
The History of Jewish Vilkaviskis
The majority of this material is taken from the article by Josef Rosin.
Mr. Rosin has kindly given his permission to use this material.
Faces from the past
Pilvaskai Train Station
the picture from Ted Matlow
Shell burst near Pilvaskai
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