Dailidavičius FAMILY
Dailidavičius Vincas (1903 - 1984 )  
Dailidavičienė Uršulė (1897 - 1997 ), WIFE 
Dailidavičius Algimantas (1931 - ? ), SON 

Rescue Story

Dailidavičius, Vincas
Dailidavičienė, Uršulė
Dailidavičius, Algimantas

The farmers, Vincas and Uršulė Dailidavičius, lived in the village of Pagramdai, Vilkaviškis County, with their son Algimantas. Late in 1943, an eight-year-old child, bleeding and suffering from wounds all over her body, knocked at their door. She was Frida Michnaitcky (later Arinovsky), a native of the town of Vilkaviškis. From its establishment, Frida and her mother, Masha Michnaitcky (later Krut), had been interned in the Kaunas ghetto, then escaped and came to the Vilkaviškis area. At first Masha paid a certain Lithuanian family for sheltering her daughter, but after the child was attacked and wounded by the family’s pigs, Frida was driven out of the house and forced to wander among the nearby villages. The Dailidavičiuses took her into their home and after treating her wounds, decided to give her permanent shelter. After several weeks, Masha found her daughter there and joined her in her new hiding place. The two remained at the Dailidavičius farm until the end of the occupation. Masha’s sister, Ema Davidovich, who was hiding in a nearby village, secretly visited her family at the Dailidavičiuses and sometimes stayed with them for a few days. The Dailidavičiuses did their utmost to prevent anyone from discovering the presence of the Jews, and even forbid their son to invite any of his friends to their home. After the war, the rescued immigrated to Israel.
On May 12, 1996, Yad Vashem recognized Vincas Dailidavičius and Uršulė Dailidavičienė as Righteous Among the Nations.
On December 23, 2004, Yad Vashem recognized Algimantas Dailidavičius as Righteous Among the Nations

A small town in Southern Lithuania
Where the Jewish Community is no more
Righteous Gentiles of Vilkaviskis