a small town in Southern Lithuania
Where the Jewish Community is no more
Jewish Cemetery Project
Working in the Cemetery
On our arrival at the Jewish Cemetery it seemed a very daunting task - the Cemetery was overgrown and there seemed to be no order in its layout
Despite of the rather ominous task we began to clean and record
It was Wayne's ability to bring order out of chaos that allowed us to make progress and there was a bonus for Wayne that he found a gravestone of his family
 With us all the time was our wonderful interpreter Viky Riazanceva, who also took an active part in the cleaning process
Antanas [Director of the Regional Museum] who was always there to assist us
Without our knowledge Antanas was able to bring the Director of the Vilkaviskis Parks Department to come to our aid.
The Director of the Vilkaviskis parks and Reserves Department
The good folks of the Vilkaviskis Parks and Reserves Department who worked so very hard to clean up the entire Cemetery [12 dunams]
Cemetery Project
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