a small town in Southern Lithuania
Where the Jewish Community is no more
2008 and the
Return to Vilkaviskis

Introduction to 2009 in Lithuania
First of all a word of thanks - this was my fourth trip to Vilkaviskis and certainly with out the help of the good people shown below I would have acheived far less or perhaps nothing at all - so thank you !
To Mr. Antanas Zilinskas - the Director of the Vilkaviskis Regional Museum - who like his friend Algis who I both named "Magicians " for constantly arranging wonderful surprises.
Antanas has had to deal with a shrinking budget, renovations at his museum put still managed to prepare a wonderful exhibition of Jewish Vilkaviskis. The opening of this exhibition in the Vilkaviskis Cultural Center was perhaps the most moving part of this year's 
journey - to think how far I had come with this project.
No words can praise Mr. Algis Vaskevicius too highly - with understamding, tact and great care to every last detail Algis prepare for Yossi and I a wonderful week in Lithuania.
No words can express our appreciation for all of his efforts ! thank you Algis !
The man behind the scenes is The Honorable Mr. Algirdas S Bagušinskas, Mayor of Vilkaviskis. Today when you visit the Jewish Cemetery or the site of the Mass Graves in Vilkaviskis you see that everything is taken care with a carrying hand - we appreciate all of your efforts  Mr. Bagušinskas, thank you.
This year I was fortunate enough to travel with Mr. Yossi Ankorion from Ranana in Israel. Yossi has deep roots in Vilkaviskis, his parents were born there. Yossi was great company and a superb photographer. I am only sorry that I "froze" him at the Kalvarija Jewish Cemetery.
Finally to our driver Kess and his wonderful wife ! Kess was a superb driver for our trip around Lithuania and his wife prepared us such tasty dishes, thank you both.
2009 in Southern Lithuania