a small town in Southern Lithuania
Where the Jewish Community is no more
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2008 and the return to Vilkaviskis
Firstly some words of thanks to the  Honorable Mr. Algirdas S Bagušinskas, Mayor of Vilkaviskis and his staff. As you will see from these pictures the cemetery was not only cleaned but all the remaining grave stones where turned over so that they could be photographed and recorded.
General Pictures of the Vilkaviskis Jewish Cemetery September 2008
The newspaper reporter, Mr. Algis Vaskevicius, who has done so much
to assist me in my project. Here he is looking at a Salinger/Zelinger grave
that I discovered this year.
Mr. Antanas Zilinskas, Director of the Vilkaviskis Regional Museum, looking
at the newly discovered graves. It has Antanas who was responsible for
such of the assistance I received.
I was able to present the Mayor with a picture taken in 1934 showing the entire Vilkaviskis Town Council.
This site was created by Ralph Salinger
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